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You don't need special skills. You don't need much time. BandLink makes promotion fast and easy. And it's free.

Free useful tools for artists, labels, bloggers, and podcasters in one place.

BandLink pages

  • Simple templates: releases, concerts, tours, and any other content you want to share.
  • Custom smart link page builder.
  • An easy to set up artist bio page with a news feed, links to releases and social networks, concert and tour schedules, photo and video galleries. No programming skills required.
  • Detailed page visit metrics and fan engagement measurement.

BandLink analytics

  • Audience dashboards: get to know your fans better.
  • Advertising pixels: track conversions from ads and build targeted audiences.
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica.
  • Downloadable reports in different formats.

BandLink scanner

  • Find your tracks in editorial playlists on Yandex Music
  • Stay in the loop for playlist changes with data updated multiple times a day
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