Concert page
One short link to concert dates with multiple ticketing options
  • Supports all major ticket selling services
  • Ideal for promoting concerts on social networks
  • Valuable audience insights
  • Concert tab and social news feed tab
  • Concert cover
  • Artist name and concert description + «Share» button
  • YouTube video
  • Links to ticketing services
  • Official artist links
  • News feed automatically aggregates latest posts from artist’s social accounts.
  • Keep your fans up-to-date with your latest news
  • Helps you to get better audience reach on Facebook, VK, Twitter, etc.
Analytics and retargeting
  • Click analytics
    Insights into your audience behavior
  • Geoanalytics
    Insights into geographical spread of your audience
  • Source analytics
    Insights into sources referring to your music
  • 3rd party analytics
    Adding Google Analytics tracking code
  • Pixel retargeting
    Adding pixel codes to retarget audience on Facebook and VK
Embeddable widget
Embeddable page widget on your website
Custom link branding
Using your domain name for links