Concert Schedule

Module: Concert Schedule

This module allows you to make a list of upcoming concerts and add links to buy tickets. The schedule can be automatically built from your existing Concert and Tour pages on BandLink.

Import concerts from BandLink allows you to automatically built a concert schedule from events listed in the current Concert and Tour pages marked with the same tag.

Adding a tag allows you to automatically import all events from your current Concert and Tour pages marked with this tag.

Show concerts from the list allows you to manually add all information about a concert. After you switch it on, use the “Add event” button to add all the necessary information.

When adding links, make sure to use the full URL with http:// or https://.

The system automatically sorts the added concerts by date. Therefore, you can add concerts in any order and any time as soon as there are new dates.

ATTENTION! Activating one of the settings (either “Import concerts from BandLink” or “Show concerts from the list”) disables the other.